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Kambing Island (2012) - Movie
Isang napakaluwag Maikling Digmaan (2010) - Movie
Ang paggawa ng 'Mr Buechner ni Dream '(2005) - Movie
Key (2011) - Movie
Bhopali (2011) - Movie
Farmboy (2006) - Movie
First World Problema (2011) - Movie
Mass Effect 2 (2010) - Movie
4 at isang Half terorista (2008) - Movie
Batman: Arkham City (2011) - Movie
Chaar Sahibzaade (2014) - Pelikula
Ang Mundo sa Digmaan (1973) - Movie
Metal Gear Solid 3: ahas mangangain (2004) - Movie
High School kalesa (2010) - Movie
Half-Life 2 (2004) - Movie
Siya Sino Humahanap ng Asawa 2: Hindi Ikaw ay dapat mag-imbot (2011) - Movie
Swan Lake (1982) - Movie
Band ng Brothers (2001) - Movie
Sa pamamagitan ng Eastern Gate (2007) - Movie
"Buffy ang Vampire mamamatay-tao" Higit pang mga sandaling, na may pakiramdam (2001) - Movie
Iminungkahing mga pelikulaIminungkahing mga pelikula
Beth, a bookish teenager, befriends Emilia, an aspiring novelist who has just arrived in town. Emilia soon begins an affair with Beth's father that threatens to have devastating consequences.
Casanova is a libertine, collecting seductions and sexual feats. But he is really interested in someone, and is he really an interesting person ? Is he really alive ?
1999, Claremont, California. Middle-class kids, in their 20s, talk trash, wave guns, hang out in a pack. Johnny Truelove, drug dealer and son of a underworld figure, threatens Jake Mazursky, an explosive head case who owes Johnny money; Jake responds by breaking into Johnny's house. On impulse, Johnny and a couple pals kidnap Jake's 15-year-old brother, Zach. Zach's okay with it, figuring his brother will pay the debt soon. Johnny assigns his buddy Frankie to be Zach's minder, and they develop a brotherly friendship. Zach parties with his captors as things begin to spin out of control. Group think, amorality, and fear of prison assert a hold on the pack. Is Zach in danger?
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